Our Patients

Emma Howard and baby Jessie

Emma was 37 weeks pregnant when she lost three litre's of blood and suffered a full placental abruption at her home.

Emma and her baby, Jessie, survived due to the quick thinking of our HEMS crew and team work between all medical staff involved that day.

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Jordan Greenwood

Jordan was travelling along the road on his motorcycle when a car turned right across his path and into him, throwing him from his motorcycle, causing a serious crushing injury to his right foot and ankle. To suffer such an injury like Jordans would be devastating for so many people, but Jordan has gone on to show that he can do everything he did before and so much more. 

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Annabel Brightwell

On the 9th February 2018 Anglia Two was tasked to a three-year-old girl named Annabel, who had sadly suffered a cardiac arrest at her pre-school. Given Annabel’s age and presentation this mission was one of the most significant for our medical crew and it is with total awe we have watched her recover, grow and live a life that she deserves.

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Tom Port

Tom was pushing a rotavator machine along whilst landscaping a friends garden when it suddenly hit something and caused the rotovator to leap back and up onto his left leg, impaling it on the blade. Dr Drew Welch, CCP Ben Caine and Paramedic Liam Sagi were tasked to scene to help Tom.

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Carolyn Skipper

Carolyn and her husband Richard were going out for a casual bike ride in Norfolk when Carolyn skidded on some mud and her bike slipped out from underneath her, causing her to fall and hit her head on the road. The hairclip she was wearing caused significant and life-threatening injuries to her head.

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Charlotte Salmons

Despite suffering an arrest at such a young age Charlotte quickly bounced back to normality and was soon picking up life as a busy mum once again.

The chain of survival was in the perfect order to save Charlotte’s life on the night of her incident.

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